English Lads: Justin McGregor

Justin comes back to the English Lads studios this week and strips down and pumps up his muscles and lets us see his tanned and really toned body, some great shots of the blond fuzz covering his body and legs. And to make things even hotter, today he lets Site members see that hairy hole of his that’s normally well-hidden between those fit butt cheeks! And if that wasn’t enough, Justin has a lovely long uncut cock, which gets hard real easy and stays that way for ages … he is quite the show off and his cock has a great life of its own!

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Hard Brit Lads: Jack Dean

Hot young East London straight lad Jack Dean is a real fittie. With a cheeky glint in his eye, a sexy voice and his BAD BOY tattoo on his shoulder, Jack is one horny looking lad. Years of running and jogging have given him a naturally athletic body, with tight torso and great abs, and very muscular legs. His dick is pretty big, the kind that hangs low, and it’s uncut with plenty of foreskin, which he shows off in this Hard Brit Lads photo shoot.

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English Lads: Ben Vickers

Ben is a keen MMA fighter and by all accounts he is pretty good at it. Combine that with his gym work and this young man’s body is pretty well sculpted and has bulges in all the right places. He is very relaxed and confident and smiles more as this English Lads shoot progresses. By the time he is down to his boxers you get a glimpse of what might be inside, another bulge in the right place and when he drops them Members can see that Ben has one of those over-sized uncut cocks that hangs long when soft and rears up into an impressive erection of over 8 inches when hard!

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