Bentley Race: Drake Temple

Drake Temple was very popular when he was first posted on Bentley Race a couple of months ago. All the gay mates wanted to know when they could get into a scene with this hairy blond Californian. These images were taken in a tiny hotel bathroom and the shooting was very difficult, in fact Ben almost had to climb in to the shower with Drake to get these shots! Drake quickly lost the modesty of the speedo as the warm water began to run and drench all those lovely muscles … especially that big uncut one!

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Blake Mason: Max Dodds

Handsome Scottish lad Max Dodds has a lot going on, not just in his personal and professional life either. He’s handsome, pretty buff too, and he has a totally delicious uncut 8 inch cock that any guy would love to get sucking on and taking for a ride. He tells the Blake Mason camera crew a little about himself, then they follow him into the bathroom for some hard cock stroking!

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Miami Boyz: Dante

Dante is a hot 18 year old that Miami Boyz was able to convince to show off his amazing body to their cameras! They had noticed him working at a nearby shop and immediately knew that they wanted to see more of him. They gave him a card and he showed up a few days later. He’s straight, so he did want to show much of his arse … but he was happy to show off that uncut 18 year old cock of his! Dante has a nice cock when soft, but just wait until you see it hard!

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ChaosMen: Drale

Drale is ChaosMen model Teo’s little brother, and after Teo’s good times working with there, he finally got his brother to come in and do some video work. They don’t look too much alike in the face, but geez, from the neck down they are ringers for each other. Especially their uncut cocks! They both have the same lightening bolt scar/vein on the underside. Even the basic shape is the same … Drale, of course, thinks his dick is bigger, but if you compare the images below of both brothers (Drale is in the first 6, Teo is in the final 2), they seem pretty evenly matched!

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