William Higgins: Ivan Rychta

Ivan Richta is a very handsome 26 year old straight guy. He works as a cook and enjoys most sports, especially boxing and jogging. He looks very good indeed in this photo shoot with William Higgins. He clearly seems to have a very good body and his soon to be bare chest confirms that impression. He sits on the bed frame, in just his underwear, letting us take in the beauty of his body, and then he stands and turns around and removes his underwear to allow us to see his totally naked from behind … a very nice sight indeed. But then, when he turns back around we get to see he has a gorgeous uncut cock and a nice set of balls that dangle nicely below it.

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William Higgins: Karel Polak

Karel Polak is a very cute 18yo straight young man. He is a student who enjoys sports, soccer and athletics. He has a lovely face and looks so good as he starts this shoot for William Higgins. As he removes his tee shirt he shows off a lovely slim body, then stripping down to his very colourful underwear Karel turns around and pushes them down to reveal his beautiful butt. As he twists his body to look at the camera, with a big smile, he removes his undies and we get to see his dark pubes surrounding his soft uncut cock. He sits on the bed and leans back, taking hold of his cock and strokes on it till it gets nice and hard … then he rolls back and spreads his arse cheeks and gives us a great view of his hairy man-hole!

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