William Higgins: Petr Roland

Petr Roland is 20yo and is one very handsome and fit straight young man who works as a bartender. In his spare time he enjoys sports, with his big passion being soccer. He looks great as he starts this shoot with William Higgins. He starts off posing fully clothed; then opens his shirt to show off his sexy chest. Leaning, nonchalantly, against the table, shirt draped over his shoulder Petr looks very hot indeed. Then once he has removed his jeans and underwear we get to see he has a really fat looking uncut cock with a large pair of balls hanging beneath it. Petr isn’t too shy to turn around and show off his straight-lad’s tight arsehole either!

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William Higgins: Martin Porter

Martin Porter is 37yo, works as a warehouse manager, and in his spare time he enjoys tennis, fitness and most other sports in general. He looks rather impressive as he poses, fully clothed, for the William Higgins cameras, but once he’s naked we can really see what a muscular hunk he really is! Plus we also get to see that his chubby dick is uncut and that he’s not shy about turning around and showing off his man-hole either!

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William Higgins: Michal Potok

Michal Potok is 19yo and lives in Slany. He is a student who enjoys sport in his spare time, especially soccer and fitness. He is a fine looking guy, with a great smile. As he removes his tee shirt for the William Higgins cameras Michal shows off a well-developed chest, posing to give the best views. Then he turns, lowering his jeans, to reveal his sexy hairy butt cheeks covered in soft, downy, hairs, getting thicker and darker as they get closer to his arse crack. Turning back around Michal gets fully naked and shows off his deliciously soft uncut cock. Soon however, it gets nice and hard … quite a beauty indeed!

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