William Higgins: Oliver Vanok

Oliver Vanok is 18yo and is still a student. In his spare time Oliver enjoys sports, cycling and fitness. What a handsome guy Oliver is, and with a great smile too. As he poses for the William Higgins cameras he begins to remove his clothes. Eventually, he turns around and lowers his underwear to show off a very sexy butt. Bending over and reaching back Oliver spreads his cheeks to show off his hair-lined crack and his tight little hole. He then loses the underwear and turns again, to show off a beautiful uncut cock!

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William Higgins: Johan Mendez

Johan Mendez is 19yo and is a student who enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. He is a very handsome guy indeed. Not only handsome but also very fit looking too. As he removes his tee shirt the William Higgins cameras get to see a wonderful upper body and Johan happily poses, flexing his biceps, to show it off. Then he turns around and lowers his underwear to expose a beautiful butt. As we enjoy that hot view, Johan bends over and reaches back to spread his cheeks, showing a lovely, hairy hole. Standing erect again Johan then gets his uncut cock good and hard. It stands so proudly erect as he goes through a series of lovely poses.

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Miami Boyz: Alan

Alan is a straight 19 year old with a body that is flawless. From his rugged masculine face to his chiselled torso with washboard six-pack abs to his uncut cock, he is simply an amazing young Latin male. It’s really hot to see him get naked in front of the Miami Boyz cameras for the first time! He was initially a bit surprised someone wanted to film him naked, but being the confident young teenage kid that he is, he decided to give it a try and like most guys it turns out that he actually enjoyed it!

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William Higgins: Viktor Burek

Viktor Burek is 25yo and he lives in Prague. He works as a sales advisory and enjoys sport, football and fitness … and what a very handsome guy Viktor is, a classic beauty. As he removes his tee-shirt his awesome chest comes into view of the William Higgins cameras. What sight that is too. He poses to show it off perfectly, with hands behind his head to let the abs scrunch nicely. Viktor turns and pushes his jeans down, so we get a great view of a hot butt. Then, down to his boxers, he turns again and flexes his big biceps. We get a series of great poses before he lowers the boxers to reveal his uncut cock and balls! Yumm!

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