Bentley Race: Angelo Rossi

Bentley Race met Angelo Rossi, a 24 year old beautiful Italian lad, while he was travelling around Australia this past summer. He had shown interest in modelling for Ben, but Ben was so nervous when they met up for the shoot that he forgot to give Angelo any pants to wear at the beginning, so this shoot has Angelo starting in just his jocks and boots, and a skimpy tank top! It wasn’t long before Angelo whipped out that fat uncut Italian cock of his … quite a beauty too!

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Bentley Race: Victor Cerami

When Bentley Race and his cameraman Zac were visiting Germany earlier this year they ran in to a bunch of cute Hungarian guys, who were also in town on vacation. They all wanted to get in on the porn making action. And as they were all pretty dam cute, Ben got them to visit Zac’s hotel room one at a time! First up was this very cute, tall and lanky 20 year old, Victor Cerami. Victor has got a smile that will make you melt. But wait until you see the mammoth cock that Victor is hiding in his Aussiebums. First he stretches it out holding his foreskin. And then while bending over to show off his bum to Zac, his cock has grown fully erect. And you can see it’s a nice long and really quite fat cock. And he LOVES showing it off!

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