UK Naked Men: Nick Cheney

You’ve all heard the expression that appearances can be deceiving. Nothing, or rather, no-one could personify that very expression better than UK Naked Men model Nick Cheney. He might lure you in with his perfect body, chiselled abs, uncut cock and innocent smile, but be careful, beneath that appearance and illusion of near innocence lurks the dark and debauched soul of a man we’d ALL like to go to bed with!

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Bentley Race: Tim Loux

When French student Tim Loux dropped Bentley Race an email recently to tell him about his plans to backpack around Australia, Ben knew he had to meet him. He had appeared in a few French produced gay porn scenes before and Ben thought he looked pretty cute! When he arrived at Ben’s place the first thing he said (in his sexy French accented voice) was that he was the hottest bottom in gay porn. He then proceeded to drop his shorts and show what he was working with … a gorgeous bubble butt and a rock hard uncut cock!

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Bentley Race: Blake Alden

Blake Alden is a 20 year old straight Bulgarian who was filmed during a shooting day Bentley Race held recently in Berlin. His mate was coming in for a shoot, so Blake came along as well and ended up being filmed as well! Standing at 6ft 3in this lad is a giant! And the big proportions obviously didn’t stop at his height. Ben couldn’t believe the size of this guy’s uncut dick as he sat back on the couch in front of a porno … it just kept growing … and growing … and growing. This was Blake’s very first porn shoot, but hopefully not his last!

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Bentley Race: John Pavel

This 22 year old professional boxer is from Romania. He met up with Bentley Race for some photo shoots and he loved all the gear Ben had brought with him on the trip from Australia and wanted to try out the little Aussiebum swimmers. Ben suggested that he should at least get wet in them. So this photo shoot ended up being done mainly in the bathroom. John wasn’t shy at all and had soon ditched the swimmers and was sporting a fully erect uncut dick as Ben snapped him from the floor below. Now this bathroom was tiny! So John was trying to be careful and not wet Ben and the camera down below him, especially since his hard dick was acting as a water spout!

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