Bentley Race: Bruno Mendes

The Bentley Race site members just love this little guy with the great big dick. Bruno Mendes was one of the cute guys Ben met over in Barcelona during his recent vacation there. It was his last day in Europe and he was busy packing my suitcase when Bruno turned up for a shoot. Bruno is totally sweet! As soon as Ben started clicking away with the camera he was all smiles with a rock hard cock stretching at the seams of his pants. He couldn’t wait to show it off! Plus, Ben loves guys with big rocket shaped cocks, and Bruno’s uncut 9 incher is just about perfect!

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Miami Boyz: Santiago

Miami Boyz invited the handsome young twink Santiago back to do an encore shoot with them and when he showed up the day of the shoot the first thing he told them was that he had gotten drunk and fucked some girl the night before! Well, he’s just 19, so that little piece of information was no huge surprise … and being that young he didn’t look hung-over … but they were just a bit afraid that since he had fucked just a few hours ago that he might have a problem getting his cock hard. Well, unless you’ve forgotten how it is to be a teenager, it will be no surprise that this 19 year old had no problem getting hard … in fact, his cock was ready to go even before he got it out of his boxer briefs!

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Island Studs: Brett

18 year old uncut surfer Brett is a totally smooth ripped athletic College soccer jock. He is a total sport stud! Weight training hard since grade school, Brett currently pumps iron 4 – 5 times a week, surfs daily, and was the captain of his High School soccer team until his graduation this year. Friendly and a little bit shy, Brett explains to Island Studs that he works on his father’s orchid farm and ranch. This straight jock is pleased to show off his GREAT naturally smooth body for the cameras. A virgin (only in front of the camera), this is his first time naked on film! “I’m 100% Hungarian,” he says proudly. “I have been to nude beaches in Italy and Hungary, I am NOT afraid to be NAKED IN PUBLIC,” he says. You will be sure to agree this sexy soccer stud looks so good working out in the tropical jungle with his hard UNCUT COCK flapping in the Hawaiian breeze!

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