Sean Cody: Marcus

Category : Amazing Abs, Athlete, Broad Back, Hairy Butt, Hairy Legs, Perfect Pecs, Sean Cody, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Tight Butt, Well Hung, White

Marcus is a shy, but friendly guy with a wonderfully deep voice.  He’s originally from Alaska and grew up in a small town and never met many people, hence his shyness.  The crew from Sean Cody were surprised when he told them they will be the first guys to ever see him naked!  Even after sports at school, he never took his clothes off in front of other people.  Pity, he has a great body and a huge uncut dick anyone would be proud to show off …. This guy is quite adorable!

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Lucas Kazan: Alexei

Category : Amazing Abs, Facial Hair, Hairy Butt, Hunk, Latino, Lucas Kazan, Muscular, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Tattoos, Tight Butt, Veined Cock

Ripped, muscle-bound, strong… these are some of the words Lucas Kazan uses to describe this Brazilian bodybuilder. Perhaps “perfect” would be another good word to use? Perfect body, perfect uncut cock, perfect smile. And he knows it too, “I get a lot of attention”, Alexei says. “But I love it. It’s really flattering”.

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Southern Strokes: Zack

Category : Arm Pits, Facial Hair, Hunk, Muscular, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, South'n Strokes, Tattoos, Tight Butt, White

Zack is one of the top models at Southern Strokes and he is back here again to show off his amazing body.  He’s now 20yo, and fit as ever … those glasses make his face incredibly sexy … and his uncut cock and muscled butt are things of sheer beauty … enjoy!

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Miami Boyz: Santiago

Category : Amazing Abs, Broad Back, Latino, Miami Boyz, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Tattoos, Tight Butt, Twink

Miami Boyz invited the handsome young twink Santiago back to do an encore shoot with them and when he showed up the day of the shoot the first thing he told them was that he had gotten drunk and fucked some girl the night before! Well, he’s just 19, so that little piece of information was no huge surprise … and being that young he didn’t look hung-over … but they were just a bit afraid that since he had fucked just a few hours ago that he might have a problem getting his cock hard. Well, unless you’ve forgotten how it is to be a teenager, it will be no surprise that this 19 year old had no problem getting hard … in fact, his cock was ready to go even before he got it out of his boxer briefs!

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