Island Studs: Kekoa

Kekoa, the BLACK Hapa Hawaiian is back at Island Studs … working out naked with his big uncut 10 inch cock. The sexy, soft spoken Kekoa, now 24 years old, and he still trains daily in Martial Arts, and now performs aerial acrobatics with a group of dancers who travel around the Islands. Kekoa is a RIPPED brown boy! … every muscle is defined beneath his smooth chocolate skin. He is a real Hapa, being part Hawaiian, part Puerto Rican and Venezuelan! Watch as this beautiful 6ft 2in gentle giant strips down to his tight underwear and poses in the tropical jungle. Then he gets completely naked to work out lifting weights and picking bananas outside. Kekoa’s black cock gets FAT and HARD while he pumps iron and his muscles get covered in shiny sweat.

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BelAmiOnline: Brian Bennet

BelAmiOnline dug into their archives this week and pulled out an amazing photoset of the sexy, muscled Brian Bennet. Brian is the Pin-Up of the week and in these photos you get to know every inch of his hot ripped muscle body. Look into his beautiful green eyes and salivate over his sweet bubble ass and the close-ups of his amazing arsehole … plus of course, that gorgeous uncut cock of his!

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Blake Mason: Ali Richardson

Ali is a strapping young lad from Manchester. He’s into Motocross riding and fucking his friends’ mums! The Blake Mason crew almost thought Ali Richardson was a super straight-acting bisexual l… until he mentioned he once tried to bottom for another dude’s sausage! These days, Ali spends most of his time working out (which is evidenced by that strapping body of his) and chasing the girls … and the boys. He confesses if he had to choose between girls and guys, he’d probably go with the fellas!

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