Blake Mason: Callum Astor

Blake Mason have got another straight lad in the hot seat this week, Callum Astor, and he may try to hide it, but you can tell he’s a little nervous! A London-born steel worker, twenty-one year old Callum describes himself as, “straight-curious.” He’s only ever fooled around with other guys in his head while having a wank! He says he loves teasing and foreplay between the sheets, which becomes apparent as he strips down and starts to tease his cock. He’s got a very nice piece on him, too, thick and plenty of foreskin!

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Bentley Race: David Sans

Bentley Race was doing photo shoots in Spain rcently and met up with 19 yo David Sans there … he didn’t speak a lot of English, so the shoot was a little strange as Ben tried to tell him what to do in English and the odd word in Spanish. In the end Ben decided that it was better if there was no talking … just let the video camera roll and do the talking for us. David was hard as soon as those jocks started coming off … he has a nice fat uncut cock too!

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Bentley Race: Fernando Kairon

Bentley Race was so excited to get to meet Fernando Kairon once again on his recent trip through London a few weeks ago. He’d first met this sexy 25yo Brazilian 2 years ago in Berlin. At that time, he’d not done any professional modelling work before, but this time he was totally up for being very playful on camera, as this shoot pictures below show. He obviously has a fun time, showing off his muscular physique and gorgeous uncut cock!

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