Videoboys: Jake Bass

Jake Bass is 20 years old, is 5ft 7in tall, weighs 140 pounds, and has a 7 inch cock. He is quite the character too … the Videoboys camera team reckon he’s like an atomic bomb of energy from the second he walks into a room … constantly talking … moving … and always thinking a mile a minute. He has an incredible sex appeal, which goes well beyond his handsome face … just check out that butt … and, of course, his uncut cock!

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Lucas Kazan: Rosario Miraggio

20 year old Rosario embodies the ‘idea’ of the Italian male: tall, swarthy, green eyes, black hair and a cocky, sexy attitude. Think a younger Raoul Bova but more handsome, more muscular and much, much more kinkier: Rosario admits to having one big fetish (feet) and to enjoying sex with transexuals. Considering this uncut hunk is from Palermo, his comment has Lucas Kazan wondering whether he means post-op transexuals or simply … transvestites. Put on a wig and find out …

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Bentley Race: Brent Tyler

When Bentley Race first met Aussie boy Brent Tyler from country Queensland he was pretty nervous. But as he’s a football fanatic, Ben decided to help put him at ease by starting this shoot with Brent dressed in his favourite footy gear … things progressed nicely … but look at what Brent is hiding in that jockstrap of his … a very nice uncut cock with a deliciously long foreskin! Brent plays with it a bit while Ben is lying on the floor shooting him from below.

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Blake Mason: Leo Foxx

24 yo Mr. Foxx just got back from Spain a few months ago and decided to relocate from Nottingham to Manchester in the UK. When he’s not working as a chef, he likes playing football and hanging out with his mates. He says he’s bisexual, “like, really.” Naturally his first experience with a guy was a drunken one with a friend, sound familiar anyone? Blake Mason gets Leo strip down to show off his lean body, cute little butt and hot uncut cock. Leo’s a grower and his dick certainly does grow as he starts to wank and play with his hot foreskin for the cameras!

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